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Today in Scotland we’re having a festive season embellished with piles of snow and wonderment. Days off school and work, a feeling of coziness in our homes, doors closed tight against freezing winds, curtains open wide to giant snowflakes cascading. Crunching through deep snow piles, slipping gracefully on ice and managing to catch ourselves before falling over.

This is the season when we are always surprised – by the weather, the kindness of those around us, expressions of love, traditions old and newly-created like an advent calendar sent across the Atlantic, new pyjamas for Christmas Eve. We are encouraged to ballet dance on thin ice, sip cups of too-hot hot chocolate and hold loved ones close.

There are many other lovely surprises – any one of which might be just a moment away for you right now. Who knows what wonderful thing is about to happen?

View the video clip above for your instant glorious, random act of daily inspiration. When I watched it, my eyes teared up and my throat got all thick and swollen – yay!

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  1. 06/12/2010
    wildelycreative said...

    I love this video. Played it over and over and over. Made me laugh, cry and clap with joy. I love the joy and surprise on everyone’s face. Perfect.
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  2. 22/09/2011
    Rob Gorrell said...

    Love, love, love this. I just found you this evening through your Etsy store (on my fav’s now). I am very interested in digging into the rest of your posts now.


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