If a butterfly’s wing gently beating in Japan can cause a tidal wave in an ocean on the other side of Earth as chaos theory ascribes, and tiny changes in an alien place can create huge collateral damage in the future as we’re shown in various Sci-Fi Ray Bradbury novels as well as the Twilight Zone tv series — what mind-expanding causes and effects are being creating every single moment in the cosmic world that is Twitter?

A little tiny something for me is the surprise of discovering this glorious image you see above on @cruz9725‘s Twitpic page. And how delightful to have a chat with its creator, Jorge Cruz in Chicago. I love his style.

He even writes wonderful copy as you can see in this screen grab I captured from one of his webpages. Check out his website yourself: monamiejorge.com

Seeing these images and Tweeting with Jorge is an immediate example of the serendipitous connectedness that Twitter facilitates for humankind.

I love Twitter.

I do not like Facebook.

Weird, huh? I am completely polarised about Twitter and Facebook.

I know Facebook is fabulous for many people, including good friends of mine. But one thing I do not like about Facebook is how its autobot emails your FB profile to you-don’t-know-who suggesting they be your FB friend.

WTF? So your stalker of five years ago that you finally shook off your shoe leather gets a Facebook email suggesting you want to be their buddy?

Twitter on the other hand, (not that I am comparing such completely different universes you understand) is magnificence beyond measure. It’s like a tiny tool of the collective consciousness. A reaching out for a better way of being. Thank you Evan of Twitter for making the algorithm. How must you feel to be a pathfinder for so many millions of relationships? I hope you feel light.

Images borrowed from Jorge. Thank you for making the world more beautiful.