Finding what you’re looking for is much easier than self-help and personal development books might lead you to believe.

Here’s the secret.

What you think you’re looking for is right there in front of you. Truly.

That’s it.

It’s such a love of yours that you completely take it for granted. You can’t see it.

You already have what you think would help fulfill you in your life. It could not be otherwise. You couldn’t deny something that is such an integral part of who you are, your intrinsic Self. It’s just that it is going unnoticed. Undervalued. Maybe even ignored.

As humans in the bustley 2000’s we have become accomplished at not seeing the individual trees for the acres of woods.

What are your trees? Look around you. What things are so much a part of your daily life that you don’t even notice them? And yet they give you satisfaction and feed you?

Notice these (often seemingly tiny) things. Devote more time and awareness to them. Expand them. Enjoy them.

You’ll find that having realised you  already found what you’ve been looking for but never noticed before, you’ll release the desire for searching for the elusive thing, (which you would never find anyway since you didn’t see it before when it was right there in front of you – how would you ever have seen it out there?).

Image borrowed from Jill/borealnz. Thank you for making the world more beautiful.