Sometimes we feel empowered by the magnificence of wilderness. Sometimes we feel tiny in a wilderness of the psyche. Always there is primal, powerful wildness within that guides us when we listen.

I believe that when people express their individuality, when we allow ourselves to be supported by nature, are mindful of the present moment, strip away all the physical, emotional and mental clutter we’ve buried ourselves under and choose to live a simpler life we’re nurturing our inner wild. And when we nurture our inner wild we feel centred, content, happy, fulfilled.

Inner Wild Therapy aims to nurture your inner wild so you stand proudly as the individual you are.

Flora Kennedy

Flora Kennedy

Born in Scotland, I’ve lived in Australia, 7 years and New Zealand, 11 years through the Eighties and Nineties. I’m now back in Scotland living in my ancestral home; the Outer Hebrides, with my human and animal tribe.


I’ve been a professional writer since I was 17 working as a journalist and advertising copywriter for 30 years. I’m no longer supportive of ‘Big Advertising’.  “… any ad you see is trying to create misinformed consumers making irrational choices – that’s the whole point of the huge advertising industry” – Noam Chomsky.


I’m an author and poet – my author website is at and you can shelf my books on Goodreads.

My poems were published in various Australian literary magazines including Mattoid. My Tales for Dogs stories were originally published in 2004 as a series of board books by Rodale Press USA. Those eight tales and 11 more stories are now available in an anthology, Stories for My Dog out 4 June 2018.

My short story, ‘Tenderness‘ was included in the Bloody Scotland International Crime Fiction Writing Festival’s Worth the Wait ebook. I’ve written three novels: Forsaking, Dysfunction and The Wild Folk

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I find knitting a beautiful, creative complement to writing. I design and make Inner Wild wilderness wear for dearhearts which I offer in my Inner Wild Etsy shop. {Inner Wild, wilderness wear for dearhearts knitting patterns are now available on Kindle♥} I love to knit clothes for loved ones. If you’re a fellow Etsian you might enjoy my Inner Wild blog.

I was delighted and excited to lead a hand knitting creativity and design workshop at Uist Wool, Grimsay in April 2015 for HND students – and a knitting workshop with Uist Wool during Grimsay Week on 5 November 2016.

It was an honour to be commissioned by Uist Wool to create a sweater pattern and finished sweater in late 2016. Inspired by its divine Calma Brave and Sian Storm wools I created three Uist Wool sweaters: the Seawrack Sweater, the Lovage Sweater and the Tarasgier Sweater. These are on display at the Uist Wool Centre and the knitting patterns will be available from Uist Wool in 2017.

Some of my hand knits were bought from my Etsy store by the Outlander costume department and worn by the main cast and clansmen for Outlander Season One.

Healing Arts

I have a Certificate in Psychotherapy and Counselling Skills from the Australian College of Applied Psychology.

I’m formally-trained as a Classical Homeopath with Certificates in both Classical Homeopathy and Classical Homeopathy Animal Health (Veterinary) from Bay of Plenty College of Homeopathy, New Zealand.

I’ve been a Reiki Master {Usui Shiki Ryoho} since 1992.

I occasionally lead Inner Wild Therapy workshops, my beta-test run being at the International Women’s Day event in South Uist, Scotland.

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